Ricarda Jacobi

TMV_5342Ricarda Jacobi was born in Wildeshausen in 1986 and grew up in Osnabrück. Over the  years the family (mother and older sister) lived in many places outside of Europe due to her father’s job. Shortly before her German Abitur (A-Level certification), she went for a year’s exchange to Pennsylvania, USA. Ricarda studied interior design and architecture in Detmold and received her master’s degree in 2013. She then worked for the university teaching and in researching and also gathered experiences as a freelance interior architect. In 2017 she committed herself fully to the university. Since then she has been mainly working for the start-up incubator while also directing several student projects with a focus on multidisciplinarity and realization.
In her spare time Ricarda enjoys sports and travelling to the mountains, particularly with groups of friends.